Lemon Serving Slab #5

Suite One Studio


Inspired by vintage Italian Majolica pottery this porcelain serving platter is made entirely by hand. The surface of each platter is carved freehand into an elegantly modern style Lemon floral design.

This freehand carving results in a truly one of a kind decoration that moves intuitively over the platter's form making each of the nine platters in The Lemon Serving Collection unique!

Each hand carved element is then painted by hand with a watercolor finish in a bright lemon and ivory white glaze. The underside is unglazed, sanded to to smooth finish which is naturally stain and water resistant, and signed by Lindsay Emery.

*Platter #5 features two lemon carvings with an abundance of foliage carvings with hand-painted watercolor details and a 22k wavering, hand-painted gold rim. Additionally gold splatters decorate the surface for a celebratory flourish! You'll receive the exact platter shown.


Hand-washing recommended


Approx. 15.25" long by 8.5" wide

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