Lace Serving #6 Icy Blue and White with Gold Rim

Suite One Studio


A one-of-a kind lace textured platter made entirely by hand by artist and Suite One Studio owner, Lindsay Emery. This is the exact platter you'll receive!

Each platter in The Spring Lace Collection is made from smooth, buttery white, North Carolina porcelain. The porcelain was thoughtfully designed and shaped into a modern form with subtle organic details celebrating the handmade process.

This platter was handpainted with a watercolor effect in our handmade, food-safe glazes.

The undersides are unglazed, sanded to a smooth finish which is naturally stain and water resistant. All pieces are signed by Lindsay Emery.

Plater #6 is one of the larger forms in this collection. It has a modern shape designed for functional serving and sophisticated display. The glaze application is a pale watercolor wash with layer upon layer of brushstrokes highlighting the textured lace surface. Overtop is our Ivory White glaze creating a very subtle color and lace texture that we absolutely love for a sophisticated table! Pale blue splatters were added for a playful detail. Genuine 22k gold is hand-painted onto the rim in a wavering band showing the handmade nature of this sophisticated form.


15.75" by 11.5" at widest point

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