Hand-Built Serving Bowl in French Blue with Gold Rim

Suite One Studio


A shallow hand-built porcelain serving bowl decorated with hand-painted embellishments in watercolor glazes and genuine 22k gold.

Every bowl in the Hand-Built Serving Bowl Collection was made without a pottery wheel from a mound of porcelain clay, shaped and altered by hand into beautiful, organic bowl forms.

As a result of this very handmade process each bowl is charmingly unique with clear indications of the artist's hand in the form of finger indents, striations, pinching, and shaping marks all done to skillfully refine the form from its very humble beginning. 

The interior and exterior surfaces are glazed with our handmade French Blue glaze and finished with a wavering, hand-painted band of 22k gold on the rim.

This bowl has finger striations reminiscent of the tide hitting the shore and serving as evidence of the handmade process.

The underside of the bowl remains unglazed and the white porcelain is sanded to a smooth finish. When the clay was still wet Suite One Studio owner and ceramic artist, Lindsay Emery signed each bowl with her signature.


10" by 2" tall

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