Mini Bowl in White with Gold Brushstroke Confetti

Suite One Studio


A tiny handmade porcelain bowl decorated with a gold brushstroke confetti design. The interior of each bowl is glazed with an ivory white handmade glaze and embellished with a gold rim and festive gold brushwork. In contrast the exteriors remain unglazed and are sanded to a smooth finish. The bowls are fired in the kiln with the gold for durability and food safety.

Don't let their small size fool you. These chic bowls are versatile! Here are a few of our favorite uses: As prep bowls in the kitchen, serving salt and pepper in the dining room, holding paper clips on your desk, or even keeping earrings and bobby pins all in one place on your bedside table.


3.5" wide by 1" tall

*Listing is for one bowl

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