Limited Edition: Baroque Platter in Rose with Gold Rim

Suite One Studio


This is a Limited Edition, only available while supplies last! 

Inspired by antique platters from our grandmother's cupboards, this porcelain platter is made by hand and finished with our signature Rose glaze.

This platter is hand-painted with genuine 22k gold along the rim. The painted application produces a beautiful wavering appearance with subtle variations, offering very subtle reference to the hand-painted process.

This handmade platter is made from clay and organic minerals mined right here in NC. As a result of using natural organic materials in the making process your platter may feature handmade variations seen in the glaze such as small iron spots similar to a light vanilla bean speckle.

All handmade variations are carefully screened, and only the finest platters are presented. We like to think that any subtle variations are part of what makes these platters so very special!


Hand washing recommended


14" long by 10" wide

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