Hi, I'm Lindsay Emery. I'm the owner, designer and ceramicist behind Suite One Studio. My work is centered around a simple goal: Make Mealtimes Beautiful.

I design a commercially produced line of tableware for Anthropologie known as the Mimira Collection, now available at Nordstrom as well. In addition to my ever-growing commercial design collection I run a small-batch porcelain studio in Greensboro, North Carolina. The time-intensive process of handmade porcelain results in limited edition, highly covetable collections that are cherished worldwide.

Here on suiteonestudio.com you'll find the only place to purchase my handmade originals! I work alongside my incredibly talented partner, Kim Cannan to produce high-quality handmade porcelain that offers the uniqueness of handmade pottery but with the elevated quality you'd expect of fine art.

Each and every piece that leaves our studio is the result of extraordinary attention to detail at every level of production. From the beginning our items are shaped by hand, decorated with handmade watercolor glazes, and finished with hand-painted flourishes of genuine gold.

I was raised in a family of hardworking restaurant owners and learned from an early age that few things in life are more satisfying than hard work, good food, and good people. I work to design and make tableware special enough to accompany the heartfelt gatherings that make up our most memorable moments together. In short, I believe that your plates should earn their seat at your table.

Let's Make Mealtimes Beautiful together.

xoxo Lindsay

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Photo credit: Sara Coffin Photography