Artist Original: Stoneware Vase in White Watercolor Blue Brushstrokes and 22k Gold

Suite One Studio


Handmade from speckled stoneware this large modern vase features a simple silhouette and layers of handmade glazes, thoughtfully layered to create tactile and visual interest. The rim of the pot is hand-painted with a wavering, band of genuine 22k gold and gold splatters that pair beautifully with the natural iron spots in the clay.

This gold embellishment has a subtle patina and variation from the brushstroke application. The interior is glazed with a watertight glaze making this piece functional as a vase.

Decorated as a true three dimensional form this vessel is interesting from every angle and can be rotated for a totally different look! 

The underside is signed by the maker and Suite One Studio owner, Lindsay Emery.


8" tall by 5" wide with a 3.5" opening

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