Stoneware Centerpiece Bowl: The Terra

Suite One Studio


A large wheel thrown stoneware bowl decorated with hand-painted embellishments in watercolor glazes and genuine 22k gold.

Made entirely by hand from an earthy, speckled stoneware clay this bowl embraces the natural variations of rustic pottery, elevated to sophistication. Layers of glaze melt and pool to add interest to the interior and exterior surfaces.

Our signature real gold splatters mimic the naturally occurring iron spots within the clay to create a surface begging to be explored by the senses. For added tactile interest the exterior is playfully glazed in splashes of glaze to expose the raw clay below, which is finished by the maker and Suite One Studio owner, Lindsay Emery's signature.

The Terra bowl is glazed with a glossy white, translucent glaze that covers the full interior surface. The exterior is simple, and modern with a near-full covering of this same milky white. Genuine 22k gold splatters cover the inside and outside of the bowl, flickering as the light hits and mimicking the dark iron spots in the clay. A wavering, hand-painted 22k gold rim completes this look.


9.5" by 4.5" tall

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