Chinoiserie Vase #1

Suite One Studio


A one-of-a kind wheel thrown porcelain vase made entirely by hand by artist and Suite One Studio owner, Lindsay Emery.

Each vase is carved freehand into a Chinoiserie inspired Peony floral design, without the use of stencils or tracing tools. This results in a truly one of a kind decoration that moves intuitively over the unique form of the vase.

Each hand carved element is then painted by hand with a watercolor finish in a soft cobalt blue. The underside is unglazed, sanded to to smooth finish which is naturally stain and water resistant, and signed by Lindsay Emery.


Vase #1 in this collection features a large carved flower, genuine 22k gold hand-painted splatters and a wavering, hand-painted gold rim.


8.5" by 4" wide at rim by 5.25 at widest point

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