Artist Original: Serving Cheeseplate in Watercolor Blues and Gold Flourishes Vol. 3

Suite One Studio


Artist Original: This is a one-of-a kind piece handmade entirely by artist Lindsay Emery. You'll receive the exact item photographed.

This large serving plate is treated to watercolor layers of glaze in shades of blue overtop an ivory white glaze. Each glaze is handmade and formulated to capture the movement and variations of an abstract painting.

The hand-formed organic shaped plate is crafted from smooth white porcelain and is entirely handmade by artist, Lindsay Emery from start to finish.

To add extra shine and sparkle genuine 22k gold is applied in painterly applications onto the high gloss glaze. The thick gold brushstrokes fade to a mauve-purple where the strokes are thinnest adding an unexpected color when the light hits just right, beautifully complementing the blues and gold on the plate.

Underside is unglazed, sanded to to smooth finish which is naturally stain and water resistant, and signed by Lindsay Emery.


12.75" by 12.25" asymmetric diameter, .75" tall

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