• Things I'm Loving: May Edition

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    Eeek, how is it already the end of May? Does anyone else feel like this past month flew by? There were some big moments for us in the studio this past month, the most notable being the release of our first glassware collection! I started working on this project last fall, and after months of sampling, reviews, and more sampling we finally moved forward with the perfect wine glass! You can read all about the glassware collaboration in this post here. We sold out of our first round already (so exciting! Thank you!) and just restocked last night! You can shop our exclusively Suite One Studio glasses here.

    I spent a lot of time creating tasty treats with Chobani in May. This recipe is so good that I made it on repeat. Kim and I don't eat much meat, so we're both always on the lookout for high protein foods that pack great macros. For this reason we keep plenty of Greek Yogurt in the fridge at any time, and Chobani is our favorite by far. When I was approached by Chobani to create recipes and sponsored content for their May campaigns I was over the moon! You can create my summertime favorite Strawberry Pretzel Chobani Greek Yogurt Parfait with this recipe. Just be ready to make it again and again. It's addictingly good!

    Toward the middle of the month I caught a nasty cold that kicked my butt. I have such a hard time being sick. It is sooooo boring! Forget the whole feeling like crap part, I'm just bored out of my mind with the thought of sitting still wasting hours and hours not working or doing anything useful. But this cold wouldn't quit, and by day five I was finally accepting the fact that I was legit run down and needed to leave the physical studio work behind so I could properly recuperate. I broke out the sketch books and my watercolors and began working on new product ideas I've been dreaming about for ages. When I was all sketched out I took time to read a few books I've been dying to spend some time with. I'm about halfway through, Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business which is such a good read for any creative, business owner, or creative business owner, etc. It's been a pretty validating read too, realizing how many aspects of business I've figured out over the years! Sometimes I still feel like I am just making this all up as I go, and reading this book has helped me realize how active and decisive I actually am about my business. Plus I'm learning a ton! You can pick up a copy here and I'd love to hear what you think about this book! Maybe we should start a book club! Really though. Anyone into that idea?

    I hope you all had a great May! I can't wait to share new products and sneak peeks with you in June! Come follow along on instagram and Pinterest to catch all the inspiration and things we're loving as the month unfolds!

    xoxo Lindsay

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  • Things I'm Loving: April Edition

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    This month few things are on my mind more than spring. I want to be surrounded by freshly snipped flowers, ever brighter colors, and light, breezy textures. I don't struggle to treat myself (I work hard and enjoy validating my efforts!) so the moment the weather switched over to full-on, not-going-back spring mode I did some clicking and swiping to properly ring in the new season.

    This book from Floret Farm was on my list way back in the preorder days and it doesn't disappoint. We'll see if I can truly take on my garden with a more intentional, planned approach. This book is definitely tempting the planner that lives somewhere deep inside me. You can pick it up here.

    Now of course, since you bought the book and have the garden you'll need some pretty, totally instagrammable scissors to show off your home grown freshly cut blooms. I've received several questions lately on instagram asking where my various scissors are from, and most are from Anthropologie I love the vintage finish and modern shapes their scissors boast. You really can't go wrong, but these are my go-to favorite.

    This past week was High Point Market (trend recap coming soon) which means fancy parties with inspiring designers, editors, and business owners-- which means the clay covered jeans come off and my love for actual clothes gets a moment. I wore this dress (which is now on sale!) and received a lot of compliments over the course of the evening. I loved the billowy fabric, deep plunge, and the unexpected strappy sides! Check it out here. Want more fashion inspiration? I'm pinning my favorites here.

    And lastly, keeping with the floral theme of this month's favorites, we returned the Ring Dish in Rose Swirl to the collection. The way the glaze pools and flows from white to petal-pink, and the brilliance of the genuine gold rim have vaulted this product back to the top of charts this month. If you're looking for a unique wedding gift this season, this piece comes with rave reviews. Shop it here.

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  • Things I'm Loving: Miu Miu's First Fragrance! 7 Holiday Sins: Wrath

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    The holidays are all about indulgence. The dieter throws caution to the wind, partaking in gluttonous proportions. The minimalist suddenly feels the lure of consumerism and the lustful urge to spend, spend, spend. We feel envy for the things we wanted but didn't receive, pride for our shiniest gift of all, and greed for everything we'll be putting those gift cards toward, like asap. We daydream of those lazy, slothful days we'll spend lounging around with nothing but our newest gadgets and loved ones by our sides. And let's not forget wrath. It may not be the most obvious of the 7 Holiday Sins, but it's totally there... if we look for it.

    Miu Miu's 7 Holiday Sins campaign embraces the stunning, playful contradictions synonymous with their brand. Their designs are elegant yet spunky, edgy yet demure, refined yet boldly fresh. Their new fragrance is a direct extension of this beautiful contradiction, both in scent and in appearance. Atop the seemingly soft, quilted, opaque blue glass bottle sits a bright, translucent red disc. A daring visual juxtaposition, the design works. Not only that, it's a total showstopper.

    Similarly, the scent is traditionally alluring, with sensual floral Lily of the Valley and the earthy, peppery Akigalawood, an extract of patchouli. It's sophisticated, sensual, mysterious, youthful and fun. The perfect contradictory balancing act that just works.

    As for wrath at the holidays it's there in that same wonderfully contradictory way. It's in the sour sting of the perfectly-in-season pomegranate; in the torch fire bubbling, caramelizing, and burning the delicate layer of sugar atop crème brûlée; and it's there in the violent cutting, dicing, and chopping behind each and every, gloriously golden holiday meal.

    Celebrate those beautiful contradictions in your life with Miu Miu's tantalizing fragrance. The perfect holiday indulgence for yourself or your favorite friend!

    xoxo Lindsay

    This post is sponsored by Miu Miu. Here at Suite One Studio we only share products we love and messages we value.

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