• Our Studio Life + Shop Updates In The Time Of COVID-19

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    I hope this post finds you and your family happy and healthy at home.

    We're living in a strange time.

    I find myself enjoying my time at home while also caught in the staggering reality of why I'm home to begin with. I'm thinking of each and everyone of you and your families. 

    Here in Greensboro, North Carolina we began our Stay-at-Home order yesterday evening. In an abundance of caution, for weeks now Kim and I have only traveled to our private studio and back home.

    We've begun settling into this new normal and I'm feeling abundantly filled with creativity and appreciation for you, my strongest supporters and fans who continue to make this dream business of mine possible.

    We decided before the Stay-at-Home order to eliminate even our studio trips for now. We brought our most basic studio set-up home to the good ol' garage studio. If you've followed for years you know this is familiar territory for us.

    From 2009 until February 2018 we worked and ran our entire growing business from our garage studio. Magazine features were shot there. Thousands and thousands of orders were fulfilled. All from a humble garage.

    I still don't know how we did that. But we did! And I'm leaning on that foundation as we scale back and go leaner right now.

    On that note, as we’re out of our usual studio routine and adjusting to this new normal right there with you all, this may be the last “normal” collection for a while.

    As I shared in my last email, I will be painting with the goal of sharing my oil and watercolor works with you this spring (you should see all the canvas and paints I stocked up on!) and I'll be working on small ceramic editions fired in my tiny garage kiln-- the same kiln that I started this business with in 2009!

    A few other important notes:

    We’re still shipping as orders are placed.

    Our ceramics are strong and durable and easy to sanitize with a disinfecting wipe or warmed in the oven to approx. 250 F, or washed with soap and water. (As always don't rigorously scrub that real 22k gold, but a gentle wipe is fine!)

    Set those alarms on Monday, 3/30 for noon EST. I only made 7 bowls and my last collection of Lemon Platters sold out in a few hours! If you have your eye on a serving bowl, don't hesitate! 

    We appreciate your support through this time so much!! I can’t wait to share these stunning bowls with you on Monday at noon EST.

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  • A Farewell to July's Limited Editions: Baroque Platters

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    This form is our best selling platter design that we sold for years but it took quite a long vacation from the shop!

    For the month of July we featured Baroque Platters as our Limited Edition in our Pre-Order Shop offering you the opportunity to collect this heirloom porcelain platter!

    Learn about the inspiration for this platter design by clicking below!

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  • Limited Edition: French Blue // A Modern Classic

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    After two months of glaze chemistry, glazing, firing, reformulating, retesting and many days of waiting for the kilns to cool this spectacular new color: French Blue is ready to grace your tables!

    This color is inspired by the classic blue of French Antiquities. French Blue is a proven color with timeless appeal, yet it's also ready for a resurgence so it feels fresh and of the now. Classic + Newly Now is that special mix that only comes along every so often in design. It's what made Millennial Pink.. well, Millennial Pink.

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  • Sneak Peek: Modern Chinoiserie Vases // Artist Original Collection In Progress

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    The monthly Artist Original Collections are an opportunity for me to create freely, without the boundaries of production. The idea for this collection struck me a few years ago and I couldn't shake it... or find the time to express it. Thankfully that has changed with our new release structure. I sat down at my wheel and began the process of interpreting the vague idea in my mind into something tangible, beautiful, and utterly collectible. This collection is a work in progress but I have a couple sneak peek photos for you!

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  • New Collections Launching This Week: April's Release Dates!

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    I won't bury the lead: Artist Original Cheeseboards are launching today, 4/12 at 3 PM EST! This is one of our top preforming designs and it's clear why-- they're SO pretty and versatile!

    This mini assortment (there are only six!) was made entirely by me start to finish and glazed with my signature watercolor, handmade glazes, and then finished with 22k gold glittery splatters. It's an addition to your collection that you won't want to miss! And with only six available these will go fast!

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