• The Stoneware Collection: Launching 11/20

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    Something a little (okay, a lot) different was happening behind the scenes the past few months and it's finally ready to hit the shop! My adventures with brown stoneware, a clay about as different as it gets from our smooth white porcelain was well documented the past few months on instagram. I grabbed 50 pounds of this speckled brown clay on a whim and threw a collection of unique forms that all pushed me out of my comfort zone. Some a big, some tall, some curvy, so squat.. the challenge for this collection was to make something different without hesitation. What a challenge that was! Read all about the collection and what I learned about myself as an artist through the making of this limited edition by clicking below!

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  • Instagram: The Zen of Failure

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    The past few weeks in the studio have been a reminder of just how challenging working with clay can really be. I've shared some of these moments on Instagram, but didn't really go into much detail because the whole thing was so frustrating as it was happening, I just couldn't deal. I lost more pieces to cracks and glaze issues than I cared to count. Pot after pot came out of the kiln and went straight into the trash. And let's not overlook the dozens of broken pieces that never even made it into the kiln. That's right, dozens plural. At some point I had to mentally check out because the frustration of losing so much work was really starting to wear me down. If I had to put some quantifiable figure on the whole disaster I'd say I had a 25-30% success rate over the last two and a half weeks. Major bummer.

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