• A Budget-Friendly Fall Centerpiece Celebrating Autumn Foliage from Trader Joe's

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    An impressive Thanksgiving centerpiece doesn't need to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time-- and you don't have to be a professional florist to pull this off. Today I created an impromptu foliage-forward centerpiece on instagram live in 25 minutes with less than $20 of flowers from Trader Joe's. In this post I'm walking you through the steps I took to create this centerpiece arrangement. I use a variation of this basic process every time I style an arrangement. Alright, let's get started! Click below for the directions and step by step photos.

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  • The Latest Suite One Studio + Food52 Collection!

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    Food52 loves food, and so do we. That's the simplest way to sum up this exciting collaboration and why it's one of my favorites to date! I design every piece of tableware with the food it'll one day serve in the forefront of my mind. Function is central to my design process. All the little details like the weight of a piece both empty and when piled high with food, the curve of the rim to properly contain the food, the glaze color and texture... it all comes back to the food and how the porcelain will work with it.

    You may remember I previously designed and handmade exclusive porcelain tableware products for Food52 from 2013-2015. We had so many great hits together (read about a few of my favorites on the blog here and here) that we decided to partner up again!

    This time around I designed three products destined for celebratory holiday tables. I kept the forms simple to focus on the pure, raw beauty of the porcelain clay. The undersides remain unglazed in our signature fashion, creating a non-porous surface from the high-fired porcelain. The interiors in contrast are decorated with the glossiest glaze around (our secret in-house formula) and finished with painterly splatters in real, 22k gold.

    The Gold Splatter Serveware Collection debuted this week and we hope that you'll love this food-centric porcelain pottery just as much as we do! Click here to shop the collection which includes: mini bowl for condiments, serving slab, and an oval platter all entirely handmade with sparkling gold details.

    xoxo Lindsay

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  • Making Mealtimes Beautiful: Gold Dipped Magnolia Leaf Calligraphy Place Cards

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    I love when a simple, elegant (and cheap) detail can upgrade an entire table, and this DIY place card project is exactly that sort of thing. These would be such a beautiful wedding detail for a Southern inspired reception! As someone planning their own wedding right now trust me, those wheels are turning! I've wanted to work on a project with calligrapher, Laney Schenk for ages. Her work is beautiful! She's local to Greensboro, NC and we've been brainstorming for some time about the perfect project to work on together. She proposed these golden magnolia leaves and I was instantly smitten!

    We documented the entire process over at my studio, and Laney even showed us three different writing tools so you're covered no matter your calligraphy skill level (hi, total beginner here). Even though I don't know proper calligraphy, I like my cursive handwriting and could see that working with a similar effect. Not into cursive? This project could take on a modern edge with the names written in simple, narrow, all caps.

    Laney was kind enough to write the directions step by step and she included some great tips about the different writing tools we used. Ready to make something pretty?

    Click below for the step by step images and directions!

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  • Effortless Entertaining: Spiked Watermelon Limeade

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    I love a good summer cocktail recipe but the last thing I want to do in the summer is spend time making hot simple syrup over the stove. Instead I look for ways to bring sweetness to my drinks either through a sweet fruit or by mixing in pre-made juices. In this case it's a little bit of both: sweet seasonal watermelon and pre-made lemonade. I squeeze fresh limes into this to add a twist of tart citrus that's super refreshing in this hot hot heat!

    Ingredients for each serving:

    1/2 lime

    2 ounces sweetened lemonade of choice

    2.5 cups chopped seedless watermelon

    1.5 ounce white rum



    Chop the watermelon (don't use rind) and blend in the blender

    Pour through the mesh strainer into the drinking glass (or into a spouted bowl to minimize the mess and then transfer into each drinking glass.)

    Add 2 oz of lemonade to each glass

    Juice a half section of lime and add to glass, repeat for all glasses

    Add 1.5 oz of white rum to each glass

    Stir and top with ice before serving. I love these oversized ice cubes for cocktails because they melt slower than smaller, standard ice cubes and don't water down your drinks as quickly-- another hot weather bonus! Grab a large ice cube tray just like mine right here!


    xoxo Lindsay

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  • Making Mealtimes Beautiful: A Spring Hydrangea Inspired Table Setting

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    When you're looking for inspiration to set your table, look no further than the seasonal blooms popping up in your region. There's something so fresh and approachable about using garden flowers as the palette inspiration for your next fete. Setting the table should be fun and easy. Stuffy and fussy tables feel that way, and your guests should only ever feel at ease. My key advice: Don't overthink it. 

    Last week my hydrangea burst into these magnificent cotton candy poufs so I snipped a bunch and knew they'd be the inspiration for my next table setting post. As you can see this is an elegant table setting, but it's not over done.I switched out the vessel holding the flowers from a vintage milk bottle (shown in the below image) to the French Press I designed for Anthropologie because it added better height variety to the table. Then I added vintage stemware and placed the water and wine glasses where I thought they visually looked best-- not where they're supposed to be. If your eye is moving around the layers of plates, patterns, and flashes of metallic, and the setting makes sense on a functional level then I've done my job. Rules be damned.

    To create this look I decided to use the soft layers of blue, white, and pale yellow of the hydrangea as my entire palette. I chose pieces from our new seasonal cobalt splatter collection, which brought in a more saturated blue than the flowers for exciting visual contrast. The cobalt splatter dinner plates anchored each setting and referenced the cobalt splatter serving pieces scattered on the table.

    I added a canapé plate from my design partnership with Anthropologie to bring in more of this deeper blue through a cobalt stripe over paler watercolor brushstrokes. Those canapé plates are flecked with gold spots which worked nicely with the splattered cobalt beneath. Working with that painterly splatter I finished each setting with a white ring dish with gold splatters. These tiny dishes are great for a small bite to start the meal, like a mini quiche, chocolate dipped strawberry, or even a way to serve salt and pepper, or a chopped garnish for guests to add onto their own food later in the meal. Using tiny plates like the ring dish are a fun way to set the mood for the meal, a little unexpected, fun and conversational.

    The linens set at each place are simple Ikea tea towels. The texture and chambray blue stripes (that don't exactly match) kept things effortless. I used my favorite vintage flatware and vintage goblets mixed in with a set of our handblown wine glasses! Check out my curated vintage collection on Chairish for an ever changing assortment of vintage tableware and home decor from my personal collection.

    The result is a dreamy, chic, yet utterly easy look that you can totally recreate! Just remember, don't overthink it. The best settings are the backgrounds for the best meals-- the ones where the beauty of good food and great company really shine! 

    xoxo Lindsay

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