• The Dreamy Suite One Studio Aesthetic Now On Canvas!: My First Ever Oil Painting Collection

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    During lockdown I picked up my paintbrushes, shifted my easel into the sunniest corner of my sunroom and I started painting. I haven't stopped.

    As an artist I've worked over a decade in ceramics, almost exclusively porcelain and now I'm expanding. 

    It is indescribably freeing to mix luxuriously creamy oil paint into any color I can imagine. In ceramics I worried about overfiring, glaze irregularities, kilns malfunctioning, and my colors burning out at the very high temperatures needed to mature the clay. With paint, I simply mix my dream colors and paint. The ease is addicting!

    I stopped painting for 15 years.

    When I went to college I intended to study painting and art history. Two disciplines that have made their way into my ceramics in countless ways since I started my business in 2009. I unexpectedly fell in love with clay in college, and as the story goes-- everything changed and this amazing business of mine was born!

    When the chaos and uncertainty of Covid-19 hit, it was in my painting practice that I sought comfort and creative release. It was a return to a familiar anchor of creativity, yet it was also a fresh challenge fitting for an unfamiliar time.

    I tried to keep up my normal ceramic studio practice, but life was anything but normal during lockdown. Instead it was painting that filled my hours and kept my creativity company.

    I needed to paint.

    My southern garden began to grow, the light grew longer and warmer, and I watched as my peonies, gardenias, irises, and hydrangeas began their summertime debut. Their colors, the flickering, dappled light, and the movement of the leaves, it all pushed into my studio and found its home on my canvas. This collection was born.

    On Friday, 6/19 at noon EST I'm sharing my original oil paintings with you for the very first time.

    Each brushstroke holds a part of me. Every color captures the vibrancy and submission of natural life, held in balance.

    I found painting to be an illuminating reminder that life ebbs and flows. Every petal forms and falls, the light and air a part of this process. It's a simple reminder to find peace in every season of life.

    Thank you for your support as I embark on this new season of my life. I hope my art will continue to bring beauty, inspiration, calm, and a brightness of spirit into your lives!

    xoxo Lindsay 

    P.S. I've signed every original oil painting in this collection in a rosy pink hue. This is a hint to my beloved pink porcelain dessert plates that skyrocketed my brand globally. It's a little insider secret that only my biggest fans will know to look for and appreciate! Shhhh...

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  • Our Studio Life + Shop Updates In The Time Of COVID-19

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    I hope this post finds you and your family happy and healthy at home.

    We're living in a strange time.

    I find myself enjoying my time at home while also caught in the staggering reality of why I'm home to begin with. I'm thinking of each and everyone of you and your families. 

    Here in Greensboro, North Carolina we began our Stay-at-Home order yesterday evening. In an abundance of caution, for weeks now Kim and I have only traveled to our private studio and back home.

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  • New Year: Coming Soon! January's Hand-Built Serving Bowl Collection!

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    How is your new year going? We're loving 2020 so far! In the studio we've been working on our next few collections and we're thrilled to share that our Hand-Built Serving Bowl Collection is launching next week!

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  • The Last Summer 2019 Artist Originals

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    I hope you're wrapping up a beautiful summer and just as excited as I am for the upcoming season! This summer was filled with so many beautiful colors and textures, and the mark these experiences left on my work is evidenced in my Artist Originals from Summer 2019. 

    After releasing dozens of entirely one-of-a kind, never to be made again pieces this summer (not to mention hundreds of Made to Order dinnerware pieces) there are ONLY four pieces left to collect from my entire Summer 2019 Artist Original Collections. 

    These designs reflect the effortless elegance of summer days and casual evenings, but they're designed to look incredible on your table and in your home year round! Promise, that seaside inspired Amalfi Collection will steal the show on your holiday table this winter! 

    While we're talking about the holidays... Please note if you're looking to round out your collection of dinnerware staples, many of these items are now available Made to Order! We suggest getting an early start on curating and collecting for your Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas tables. Our tiny team of two produces a large assortment each holiday season yet we alwayssell out (thanks to you lovely people!). Our goal this year is to offer more Made to Order staples earlier in the season to help you secure your heirloom porcelain before it's gone!

    As always thank you for your support! My small handmade business couldn't do what it does year after year without you!

    xoxo Lindsay

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  • Limited Edition: French Blue // A Modern Classic

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    After two months of glaze chemistry, glazing, firing, reformulating, retesting and many days of waiting for the kilns to cool this spectacular new color: French Blue is ready to grace your tables!

    This color is inspired by the classic blue of French Antiquities. French Blue is a proven color with timeless appeal, yet it's also ready for a resurgence so it feels fresh and of the now. Classic + Newly Now is that special mix that only comes along every so often in design. It's what made Millennial Pink.. well, Millennial Pink.

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