• Spring Summer 2017 Inspirational Mood Board Review

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    I'm working on a new seasonal moodboard this week, which means taking down the old moodboard that's carried Suite One Studio halfway through this year. I thought it'd be fun to share a recap of the major design takeaways I noticed while packing up the previous season's inspiration images. It's funny, this board has been hanging over my desk since late last year, but once everything was pulled down and disassembled, the randomness of the images became less noticeable. Instead, there were very clear themes and colors repeated throughout! 

    Three major color categories emerged: Deep, cool pinks; Vivid blue-greens; and tone on tone neutrals. 

    Pattern: Leaves (so many leaf motifs! I even found a clipping of rainbow chard just hanging out on my board-- inspiration is everywhere, even in your groceries!), swirling marble, broken geometric lines, and ceramic tiles were also big trends.

    Where to spot the inspiration in our Spring Summer 2017 Collection:

    In our new glassware line you can spot all these colors! The Peony Pink glasses are nearly the same hue as the bold pink repeated throughout my inspiration images. Interestingly, we initially sampled a green glass but opted for the Regatta Blue when it came down to production. That warm blue still falls perfectly within the lagoon palette of blue-greens from my collected images. Speaking of lagoon palette, there's such a water theme in all these zig-zag, wave, and stripe patterns! Do you see it? And lastly, the Opal White Swirl glasses are totally representing that soft, tone on tone neutral that I found scattered across my moodboard. They bring an elegant sophistication that becomes even more interesting the longer you look.

    This year we worked more directly with pattern, playfully adding repeated polka dots (like this Oval Side Platter) and the gestural brushstrokes on these Dessert Plates.

    What's Next:

    I want to explore the leaf imagery I saved because I don't think that's been fully realized. And with Greenery named Pantone's color of the year, there's still plenty of green ahead for home design. 

    Many of the patterns I snipped from magazines are fabulous textures, such as the wood planks, and white on white ceiling tiles in the closeup above. I'll definitely be playing with more texture in the upcoming season. It's such a great way to subtly incorporate pattern!

    Want to follow the inspiration live? Come follow along on Pinterest! You may especially enjoy these boards: ArtPattern, and Home Design.

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  • One of a Kind Originals Special Restock 7/4

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    Tonight's restock is one you'll want to check out, even if you're here in The States preparing for tonight's firework festivities! This special restock features one-of-a-kind originals, samples, and prototypes that you won't catch anywhere else-- including here in the future!

    Every new product showcased tonight represents my treasured creative time in the studio. I explored unique glaze combinations, unlikely applications, and meticulous gold luster work to make each piece by hand.

    A few of my personal favorites in this assortment are the three cream and sugar sets. I threw each item in the cream and sugar sets on the wheel, altering the rims by hand. I opted to pull handles for a couple pieces, whereas other items remain without a handle, relying on the user to grasp and hold the item more intimately. For one of the sets I looked to the classic silhouette of egg cups, a seldom used tabletop item these days, but one that was once a central accompaniment to polite breakfast dining. This inspiration can be seen on the set below, which has an elevated foot lifting the bowl and mini pitcher from the table surface.

    There are also several interesting platters hitting the shop this evening, each an expression of my artistic vision for the table. These pieces are functional, but they're also art. With one-of-a-kind pieces I don't worry about the logistics of expanded production, which necessarily informs a lot of the more commonly stocked products offered in the shop. Each idea is only meant to be made once which offers a special kind of freedom and creativity. As most of these items are extremely time intensive, they won't be added to our regular assortment and they're only available while they last!

    I hope you'll enjoy tonight's assortment, released at 7 PM EST. Signup for the newsletter here for a reminder email delivered at approximately 7 PM EST!

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  • Things I'm Loving: May Edition

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    Eeek, how is it already the end of May? Does anyone else feel like this past month flew by? There were some big moments for us in the studio this past month, the most notable being the release of our first glassware collection! I started working on this project last fall, and after months of sampling, reviews, and more sampling we finally moved forward with the perfect wine glass! You can read all about the glassware collaboration in this post here. We sold out of our first round already (so exciting! Thank you!) and just restocked last night! You can shop our exclusively Suite One Studio glasses here.

    I spent a lot of time creating tasty treats with Chobani in May. This recipe is so good that I made it on repeat. Kim and I don't eat much meat, so we're both always on the lookout for high protein foods that pack great macros. For this reason we keep plenty of Greek Yogurt in the fridge at any time, and Chobani is our favorite by far. When I was approached by Chobani to create recipes and sponsored content for their May campaigns I was over the moon! You can create my summertime favorite Strawberry Pretzel Chobani Greek Yogurt Parfait with this recipe. Just be ready to make it again and again. It's addictingly good!

    Toward the middle of the month I caught a nasty cold that kicked my butt. I have such a hard time being sick. It is sooooo boring! Forget the whole feeling like crap part, I'm just bored out of my mind with the thought of sitting still wasting hours and hours not working or doing anything useful. But this cold wouldn't quit, and by day five I was finally accepting the fact that I was legit run down and needed to leave the physical studio work behind so I could properly recuperate. I broke out the sketch books and my watercolors and began working on new product ideas I've been dreaming about for ages. When I was all sketched out I took time to read a few books I've been dying to spend some time with. I'm about halfway through, Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business which is such a good read for any creative, business owner, or creative business owner, etc. It's been a pretty validating read too, realizing how many aspects of business I've figured out over the years! Sometimes I still feel like I am just making this all up as I go, and reading this book has helped me realize how active and decisive I actually am about my business. Plus I'm learning a ton! You can pick up a copy here and I'd love to hear what you think about this book! Maybe we should start a book club! Really though. Anyone into that idea?

    I hope you all had a great May! I can't wait to share new products and sneak peeks with you in June! Come follow along on instagram and Pinterest to catch all the inspiration and things we're loving as the month unfolds!

    xoxo Lindsay

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  • #TheChiaroscuroCollection: An Art Collaboration with Allie Synder Dattilio and Beth Winterburn

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    I'm so excited to share this project! I've wanted to work collaboratively with oil painter, Allie Snyder Dattilio on something for years. Her landscapes take my breath away! I love the uninterrupted openness of her skies, fields, and waterways which remind me of the rural Southern scenes from my college drives through Virginia. Her use of color and brushwork are phenomenal! See what I mean?

    After years of exchanging emails and daydreaming about what a collaboration between the two of us could look like, cue brilliant idea, Allie suggested an online show. When she proposed we include artist, Beth Winterburn (whose work I LOVE) I knew we'd stumbled onto the idea. I mean just look at Beth's work! Watercolor washes, bold brushstrokes, and gold accents!

    We decided to focus on a united color palette, which allowed us to create a cohesive collection despite our varied media. On instagram Allie and Beth and I shared sneak peeks of our works in progress with the hashtag #TheChiaroscuroCollection

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  • Things I'm Loving: February Edition

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    For a change of pace, I thought I'd start a new column on the blog sharing some of my favorite things. These are things that are inspiring me, styles that have my attention, and trends I'm diving into headfirst. I share a lot of these things over on Pinterest (are you following along?) and I'm excited to share these interest here with you so we can explore them in greater depths and get inspired together!

    Things I'm Loving:

    Vintage Glassware: Probably not a huge shocker, I'm forever styling vintage glassware into my instagram photos and now even selling some my collection in the vintage section of the shop. This iridescent set is one of my favorites and will be available this evening during our weekly Tuesday restock at 7 PM EST.

    Garden Patios: I bought my first home last spring and wow. Every inch of this property needs work. Thankfully its 1980s construction is saving us from the nightmare of asbestos or major structural issues, but the cheap materials and beige on beige on beige has got to go. As the weather is warming up I'm shifting my attention to my backyard and planning a major makeover on that space, asap. These spaces are inspiring me to use a mixture of patio pavers and small stones to create a garden-centric outdoor living space.

    Matcha Magnolia: From this candle collection I designed with Anthropologie and Capri Blue. This scent is so soft, fresh, and lightly sweet. Even unlit the scent adds a delicate fragrance to any room it's placed in. I began designing this product waaaaay back in early fall 2015! There's a lot of behind the scenes work happening both in my studio and at Anthropologie to make these designs come to life. We work collaboratively to design the products and Anthropologie wonderfully handles all of the logistics of commercial manufacturing so we can offer these designs far and wide. Because of this extensive process it often takes well over a year before the designs hit the shelves at your local Anthro stores. Seeing (and smelling) these candles in real life is a total dream. This is one of those products that I'll be stocking up on while they're available. Click to shop!

    High Contrast: If you've noticed bolder colors and deeper hues in the collection it's no accident. I'll always love a good pastel, but lately I'm feeling inspired by darker colors at the table complemented by brightly colored fruits and vegetables, sparkly cocktails, and soft stone and wood tones to balance the scene. Tonight during the restock we're releasing a brand new dessert plate color (for the first time in over a year!) that celebrates this bold, high luxe, contrasty look. (Signup for the newsletter here to be the first to know what this new dessert plate color is!)

    What are you loving this February? I'd love to hear in the comments!

    xoxo Lindsay

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