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After months of behind the scenes work I'm happy to reveal the latest additions to the Suite One Studio collection for Food52! This Gold Rimmed Gravy Boat is my undisputed favorite. I designed this piece last fall after attempting several different versions. The design challenge here was that I wanted a sophisticated gravy boat that didn't have a handle, was made from a single piece of porcelain, was functional (in terms of pouring, fitting a ladle with enough room to scoop, catching drips from the spouts, and a form that would be easy to wash after use)... oh, and that kept with the overall aesthetic of my line. There were a lot of not-quite-right version before this simple beauty emerged. I couldn't be happier with the finished product!

I really enjoy the organic lines of both the form and the hand-painted gold which mimics these natural variations. I apply the gold to my pieces with effortless ease. There are often small drips or wavering edges as a result, which I find completely charming and approachable. This is fancy porcelain, I mean it has real gold on it, but it's also not stuffy at all. It's all the elegance of Grandma's china without the fuss of perfection, or the dullness of mass production. And in my mind that's exactly what makes it perfect.

In case you're dying over this gorgeously gold gravy it's a Vegetarian Mushroom Thyme Gravy and Food52 has even supplied the recipe for it here.
I'll be sharing more about the new designs in the collection in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes details and more intensely beautiful imagery from Food52's oh-so-talented photographer, James Ransom.
Photo credit: James Ransom. All photos from Food52.com.


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